Netherlands culture: what you should know before visiting

Posted on 08 August 2019 (0)

The Netherlands. A great place to visit or to live in. However, there are a couple of things that you need to know before you can go to the Netherlands on a holiday. Going to a foreign country is really a great experience, but then you need to make sure that you have the right information about the country. This is why you should read this. This is to ensure that you know vital information about the Netherlands culture:

They don’t know how to stand in line

This is something that you might be want to remember. In the Netherlands, they don’t really stand in line and they don’t use the phrase: first come, first serve. You need to make sure that you are going to take on their customs if you ever want to get onto the public transport or when you are ordering food at a takeaway store.

This is the one thing that people that are visiting this country is struggling with. They are struggling to use the public transport because they don’t get on the transport in time.

You are paying for your own food and drinks

Normally when you are going out with friends, someone might be paying for your drink. This is a custom that we are used to. But it is completely different when you are going to the Netherlands. There you are going to pay for your own drinks. No matter if your friends have asked you to come with you or not.

You are going to pay for just the drinks and food that you have ordered. This might sound strange, but this is how they are doing it in the Netherlands.

Most people are using bicycles

You will not see many vehicles in the Cities in the Netherlands. You will see much more bicycles than vehicles. They are saving money by using the bicycles because vehicles are really expensive there. By saving money, the Netherlands is also a lot cleaner with clean air.

There are many bicycle shops where you can rent or purchase your own bicycle. Making it just easier to get around and it can be great family outings as well to ride bikes on weekends to parks.

They have a delicious breakfast

Their breakfast. Something that the children in Netherlands love. They don’t believe in heavy breakfasts where you are eating porridge or bacon and eggs. There you are eating chocolate sprinkles on bread. This is their popular breakfast and most children are eating this for breakfast.

This is why statistics are showing that the Netherland children are the happiest children on earth. But, what child will not be happy when they are getting chocolate for breakfast.

The Netherlands. A great place to visit or to stay in. However, there are a couple of things that you should consider when you are going there on holiday. Things that you need to know in order to make your holiday unforgettable.

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Traveling to Thailand – The Best Places to Visit

Posted on 05 April 2019 (0)

Traveling to Asia is definitely one of the travel plans you should not put off. Although Asian countries have a unique culture, it is not hard to blend it as most locals are warm and have great value on hospitality.

One of the most famous tourist destinations, in the South Eastern part of Asia, is Thailand. The country offers the most brilliant beaches and world-class hotels. Here is a short guide on the possible places and attractions that you don’t want to miss to visit when in Thailand.

The Grand Palace, located at the capital of Thailand which is Bangkok is one of the phenomenal monuments in the country. A lot of travel packages to Thailand include a tour to this monument and this presents a great opportunity to know more about the history of Thailand.

The palace is most noteworthy for its distinctive mix of the traditional style of Thailand and western art and architecture. It is where you can find the Buddha, one of the most popular and ancient statues in the entire world. Dozens to hundreds of travelers come to the palace and would usually spend this holidays in this part of Thailand.

If you are nature-inclined, you will be fascinated to discover that there are spots in Thailand that you can go. The Similan Island offers a feast for the eyes as it unveils the beauty of nature. Situated in the West Andaman Sea, a total of nine islands make up the archipelago, showcasing its marvelous, white sand beaches and diving spots for tourists and vacationers to enjoy.

Fan of the beaches? Thailand has a number of beaches such as the Railay Beach that is most notable for its surrounding limestone rocks. Tourists from all over the world come to this beach to witness the majestic formation of the rocks which can be accessed when traveling by boats.

Are you a shopaholic? Thailand won’t disappoint. It is where you can find some of the most outstanding bazaars and markets that offers a vast range of products for shoppers. The Chiang Mai Night bazaar is where shoppers from all over the world would usually go. From small shops, to booths and stalls selling souvenirs, arts, handcrafts, outfits and other products that Thailand is known for.

Thailand has numerous sceneries that will literally take your break away because of its interesting beauty. The Phang Nga Bay which is near Phuket Island is rich in caves and limestone islands which is perfect for those who seek for thrill and adventure. The Island of the Tortoise is also famous for its diving and snorkeling spots many tourists want to see because of its rich and diverse marine resources. A travel to these islands is sure to make your stay in Thailand a delightful one.

Thailand offers a lot of attractions and activities tourists can participate in. Besides being friendly, the country also offers the most affordable accommodations and a rich cuisine.

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How to Ensure a Smooth Travel

Posted on 10 January 2019 (0)

One face of traveling is fun and excitement, the other is made up of a little trouble that can be easily addressed with proper planning. While impromptu travels sound thrilling, it is easy to get into trouble with it such as not finding an available accommodation or paying more than you should for your transportation.

Arranging your travel ahead of time is beneficial. It ensures you that everything you have wanted to take place during your travel will happen. It will reduce instances of mishaps. So how do you plan your travel? 

First off, you have decided on the dates that you will be traveling. You may need to file leaves in advance so you won’t be compromising work. Whether the duration is for a few days to a month or more, you have to make sure you adhere to your schedules on when you will be returning. You should book your flight days before the actual date you will be going back to work. This way, you won’t cause your company or your colleagues with a headache.

Make sure all your travel documents are prepared. For international travels, you should secure all the papers that might be required from you. You may also check your travel insurance if it is updated and if it covers some activities that you will be doing during your trip.

Pack all of your essentials. While it is easy to buy from stores in other places, sometimes, some products that you need are not always available there. If you are planning to take medicines, you may need to inquire if doing so is allowed in the place you are traveling. You can ask for the help of a travel assistance or you can do a quick search on the internet.

Let the people you will be leaving behind, such as family and close friends, know your travel itinerary. This will give them and you a peace of mind. Because they know what they are doing during a certain time, they will have a clue on who to contact in case something unexpected comes up. Also, make sure that you give them a call once in a while, informing them of your whereabouts. Even if you are traveling for some stress-relief, you should not totally disconnect yourself from people who can help you out.

Have fun on your travel. If that is the purpose of your travel, make sure that you achieve it. Do the activities you like to do. If you are into adventures such as hiking, mountain climbing, and water activities, you have to include this in your itinerary and choose a place that offers the best experience in these types of activities.

Hey, and if you are or soon will be traveling with kids, here are some very helpful tips for parents. Having kids doesn’t have to meet an end to traveling.

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